Cutting Gloves Are Uniquely Designed

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How are industrial cutting gloves designed?

Cutting Gloves Are Uniquely Designed

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Some industrial-use gloves don't need to protect against sharp objects. For example, those who do heavy lifting at a facility may need strong leather gloves that do not need to be cut-resistant. However, other safety work gloves are considered a cutting glove. These must protect against abrasions, punctures, snags and cuts.

There are varieties of designs for cutting gloves. Some are a seamless polyester-cotton dipped in natural rubber, while others are dipped in nitrile. The back of these gloves are non-coated to allow one's hands to bend easily and skin to breathe. Still others utilize a stainless steel material wrapped with a soft nylon yarn for strength, cut-resistance and comfort features. Keep in mind that most manufacturers advertise cutting gloves as cut-resistant, not cut-proof. Employees should never be lulled into a false sense of security simply because work gloves are designed for use with sharp objects.

The unique features of cutting gloves are a good example of how glove design has gotten better and better. Many gloves now offer PVC dots on one or both sides to offer superior grip ability. Seamless and ambidextrous designs offer quick donning, comfortable fits and economical replacement. Still another example of unique designs in the safety-glove industry includes those made to fit the contours of a women's hand. These gloves sometimes offer additional features for women, including fingertip nail protection and brow wipes. However, keep in mind as you order industrial safety gloves that not all designs offer sizes for women.



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