Welding Gloves Have Gauntlet Cuffs

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What types of welding gloves are available?

Welding Gloves Have Gauntlet Cuffs

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Welding gloves have to withstand heat and must be flame and spark resistant. Often called “gauntlet gloves” because of their tough nature, these gloves — most often used in welding and other industrial settings where heat could cause danger — usually run from the forearm to the fingertips. Some welding gloves are advertised as having “gauntlet cuffs,” which means they offer protection beyond just the hand area.

Materials used for welding gloves must be extremely durable and flame proof. Often, welding gloves are made of leather and some may have Kevlar fiber stitches for even more durability. Welding gloves may also be made of cowhide. This material allows for more comfort and dexterity, but may be more expensive. Other types of gauntlet gloves are lined with fleece or other type of insulating synthetic fiber so they offer protection in cold weather conditions. Still other gauntlet gloves are made of stainless steel to keep butchers and those who work with sharp tools safe.

As with any work gloves, first ask key questions before you purchase them. What uses will they serve? Who will wear them? Do you need women's sizes? Must they be cut resistant and/or heat resistant? How far up the arm must they protect?



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