Use Workplace Safety Posters

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How do I use workplace safety posters?

Use Workplace Safety Posters

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Utilizing workplace safety posters in manufacturing facilities, restaurants, offices, construction sites and other business environments is not only a good idea, in some cases it's the law. OSHA workplace safety regulations sometimes require that certain posters be easily visible in a variety of workplaces. Be sure you stay informed of these regulations so, if OSHA audits you, you aren't fined for missing posters. However, even in cases when workplace safety posters are not specifically required, they are a great idea. All types of safety posters are readily available for purchase online by researching these terms: safety posters, workplace safety posters or safety in the workplace.

Typically workplace posters cover both safety practices such as the PASS system for using fire extinguishers (pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the trigger and sweep side to side), as well as simple reminders such as “Caution: Corrosive, avoid contact with eyes and skin.” Some posters use a more animated style like a four-leaf clover while others are more direct. Some are specifically aimed at age groups such as teenagers. In general, safety posters in four-color graphics will have more impact in the workplace.

Remember to post signs where they are most applicable. Numerous safety signs located all together will likely be ignored. It's a good idea to invest in safety signs that are metal and rust-proof. You can also find unique hanging products to ensure your safety posters stay on walls. Additional subject matter for workplace safety posters includes proper lifting, the importance of reporting accidents, fall protection, ergonomics at a desk, heat stress and proper use of respirators, hearing protection and safety glasses.



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