Basic Categories of Shoe Covers

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What Are the Basic Categories of Shoe Covers?

Basic Categories of Shoe Covers

There are shoe covers designed for different environments, all with the same basic criterion: protect the wearer's shoes or boots from damage or danger. General varieties include

Disposable Shoe Covers – often used in medical, laboratory, and clean room settings when you need protection for you, others, or objects from contamination.

Medical Shoe Covers –.usually disposable as one-time use is recommended to stifle pathogen transference.

Waterproof Shoe Covers –.used in laboratory and industrial settings to protect shoes from water threats.

Boot Covers – from ankle to almost knee height, boot covers protect both boots and/or lower legs against potential contaminants.

Lab Shoe Covers – protect your shoes from chemical and water splashes and other contaminants – can be disposable or reusable, depending on the environment.

Shoe covers range from mere convenience (keeping your shoes clean) to serious protection (surgical shoe covers), protecting you and others from exposure to contaminants or pathogens. You can even find high tech products, like Tyvek shoe covers, which can be both disposable yet very strong.



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