Blue Safety Vests

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When Are Blue Safety Vests Used?

Blue Safety Vests

While orange, yellow, and lime green (or yellow-green) are the standard colors for traffic safety vests, blue safety vests are used for a very important, specific purpose. Blue safety vests are worn be emergency response personnel. The royal blue color quickly differentiates medical and paramedical personnel from other individuals at the scene of a traffic accident, fire, or other emergency.

Often, you will see words imprinted on the horizontal reflective stripes of a blue safety vest. It may simply state “EMS” or “EMT” to further identify the wearer as an emergency medical professional. At times, you might see a title emblazoned on the horizontal stripe, such as “incident commander,” “triage director,” or similar words. If an emergency that involves many injuries has occurred, it can not only be helpful, but may save lives if the professional in charge of triage (determining the extent of injuries so the order in which patients should be treated makes sense) can be identified quickly.

Even if no titles are displayed, should you find yourself at the scene of an emergency that involves personal injuries, look for the people wearing royal blue safety vests if you need medical assistance or are aware of another who is in need. It could save your life or theirs.



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