Valuable Variations on the Classic Safety Vest

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Are There Any Variations on the Classic Safety Vest That Are Valuable?

Valuable Variations on the Classic Safety Vest

Depending on your job duties and working conditions, there are some enhancements available for construction safety vests. From a variety of styles to more or less visibility, you might find one or more of the following helpful to you in your workplace.

  • Safety vest with pockets – particularly useful if you are a surveyor, use walkie-talkie communications, or performing a job requiring you to keep small objects or tools close at hand.
  • Expandable safety vest – if you work in a climate that is cold in winter yet quite warm in summer, this vest expands when you're required to wear heavy outer clothing and contracts for lightweight summer work wear.
  • Tear away safety vest – if your workday involves being on site, then off site, then on site again, a tear away vest might help you save time and aggravation.
  • Flame retardant vest – should you work in a situation that poses a potential fire danger, you are safer with one of these.
  • Lighted safety vest – gives you higher visibility for dusk and night work, the light emitters make you glow in the dark.
One or more of these vest enhancements might help you perform your job duties both more efficiently and in a safer fashion. The lightweight construction of modern traffic safety vests also pose less of a burden or distraction to you while working.



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