Advantages of Using Fingerless Work Gloves

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Are There Advantages of Using Fingerless Work Gloves?

Advantages of Using Fingerless Work Gloves

With newer advances in both natural and synthetic material to manufacture industrial work gloves, fingerless work gloves are used less often than in the past. However, they do provide some advantages to the wearers that influence many people to use them.

  • Dexterity and sensitivity – with your fingers totally exposed, you have the sensitivity and manual dexterity required to perform many tasks that are more difficult while wearing a full hand glove.
  • Aeration – when working in hot conditions, full safety work gloves can make your hands very uncomfortable and sweaty – with exposed fingers, your hands are cooler and can be wiped dry even if they build up sweat.
  • Lighter weight – with your hand covered by less material, fingerless work gloves often weigh less giving you less hand fatigue than with leather work gloves.
Mechanix Wear gloves offers a high tech fingerless work glove (M-Pact Fingerless) that is attractive, lightweight, and gives you superb protection for your hand and knuckles. DeWalt makes excellent synthetic fingerless gloves perfect for carpentry, framing, and pluming tasks. CLC Custom Leathercraft offers the FlexGrip Rocker fingerless glove which is very popular in the workplace.

You should be aware of the obvious potential disadvantage of fingerless safety gloves. Your very valuable and talented fingers are exposed to the elements in which you work. Whether it's extreme temperature, cut danger, live electrical voltage, or chemicals, fingerless work gloves are a poor alternative to full hand protection designed to guard against the hazards you face.



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