Good Choices for Electrical Safety Gloves

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What Are Some Good Choices for Electrical Safety Gloves?

Good Choices for Electrical Safety Gloves

Electrical safety gloves are critically important to those working around active electrical current. Most safety gloves providing electrical protection are either made of rubber or lined with rubber with a different shell. Rubber safety gloves provide two benefits to the wearer:

  • Electrical protection – as a non-conductor of electricity, if your hands take a “hit”, you will not become a conductor yourself.
  • Grip ability – whether you're working in cold or hot conditions, you'll have excellent object gripping ability. These are superb grip work gloves.
Good rubber safety gloves are offered by a number of sources as well as electrical protection gloves with outer shells of leather, Kevlar, or knit material. A third option is using heavy duty, possibly high voltage protection gloves over thinner rubber gloves fitted to your hand. Some products you might examine

  • W.H. Salisbury – offers a “glove configurator” on its website which allows you to state what voltage level you face, whether you want natural or synthetic rubber, the length, the cuff style, the color, etc. to find the right glove for you.
  • Web Soft Safety Solutions – offers both high and low voltage rubber safety gloves complete with lab certified testing results.
  • Boddington's Electrical – has safety gloves that are rated by both lab testing voltage levels and more real world working voltage protection ranges.
  • A+ Electrical Safety Equipment – offers good quality rubber gloves and protective sleeves giving high level safety.
These are but a few choices to start your search. As you can see, at some level, rubber (or synthetic rubber) is an active component of most electrical safety gloves. There are a few companies that offer fingerless work gloves that also claim to provide electrical protection but be very careful with any of those choices because of the amount of exposed skin. Also, make sure the safety gloves you select are rated for more than the voltage level you are likely to work on.



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