Disposable Safety Glove Considerations

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What Factors Should I Consider Regarding Disposable Safety Gloves?

Disposable Safety Glove Considerations

Disposable gloves come in many designs, materials, and levels of protection. The majority of disposable safety gloves are used in the medical profession, whether in laboratory, hospital, medical office, or emergency response situations, these work gloves protect you from the transfer of dangerous substances from both human and mechanical sources.

Industrial laboratories are another major environment using disposable industrial safety gloves. In many of these situations, your hand protection gloves are often protecting both you AND the objects being handled. Ironically, in a clean room environment, such as computer chip manufacturing, your disposable gloves are used to protect delicate silicon chips and computer boards from contamination by you.

Strongly consider the following items in your evaluation of disposable gloves:

  • Material – a variety of synthetic material can be used to make disposable gloves – find one that is compatible with your skin – for instance, many people are allergic to latex and need disposables made of a different substance.
  • Dexterity and finger sensitivity – how detailed is your job function and what level of dexterity and sensitivity do you need to perform – if examining patients or working on very small computer chips, you need to “replicate” the sensitivity of your bare hands to do your job effectively.
  • Comfort versus protection – use the most comfortable disposable gloves you can find as long as they give you at least the minimum standard of protection from your job specific hazards.
Disposable gloves are wonderful items to protect both you and your patients or objects being handled. Use them with care and dispose of them properly, particularly if you handle pathogens or potentially toxic material. Visit the source website for further information and cautions.



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