Basic Categories of Safety Gloves

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What Are the Basic Categories of Safety Gloves?

Basic Categories of Safety Gloves

It is generally agreed that there are six major categories of safety gloves. The differences are defined by the potential hazards they defend against and, often, the material used for their construction. The general classes of safety work gloves are -

  • Disposables – excellent for one-time use while still providing “fingertip sensitivity” required by medical environments, industrial laboratories, and clean rooms – often made of latex, vinyl, nitrile, or polyethylene.
  • Chemical resistant – protect the wearer from chemical penetration to the skin – usually made of latex, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), neoprene, butyl, or nitrile.
  • Cut resistant – using Kevlar, steel knit designs, or synthetic yarns, these items lesson the chance of cutting the skin by sharp objects or moving machine blades.
  • Voltage resistant – protect the wearer from injury by active electrical voltage – usually made of rubber, a very effective non-conductor material.
  • Temperature resistant – designed to protect the wearer from temperature extremes (hot or cold), arcs and flames, and torch or welding activities.
  • General work – give you protection against common workplace hazards (cuts, punctures, abrasions, etc.) – made of a variety of materials, including cotton, leather, synthetics, or even a combination of these.
As with all personal protective equipment (PPE), identify the potential threats you face, find the best disposable gloves or industrial work gloves available, then use them correctly. Whether you need general purpose safety leather gloves or high tech protection from Kevlar work gloves, correct use will eliminate many of the hazard risks you face on the job.



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