NIOSH and Industrial Safety Glasses

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What Information and Help Does NIOSH Provide Regarding Safety Glasses?

NIOSH and Industrial Safety Glasses

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is very influential in providing information and standards for safety eyewear. Their comments cover all the industries that inherently dictate the use of safety glasses or goggles. Like the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), they have found that the majority of eye injuries and abrasions are caused by flying small particles created by job duties such as cutting wood, metal, or cement. Even otherwise harmless dust, when put in motion by job activities, can cause serious injuries to the sensitive regions in the eye. NIOSH, like OSHA, recommends safety glasses with side shields as their data suggests that particulates can still damage your eyes even when they don't impact you directly.

In conjunction with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) studies, NIOSH strongly cautions medical workers, animal handlers, laboratory staff, and even janitorial employees to use protective eyewear, not just for impact-related dangers, but to prevent the transfer of infectious diseases that can be spread to you through your exposed mucous membranes in your eyes. Simple blood spatters, coughing, and sneezing can transfer disease to your eyes should one of these come in direct contact.

Through their “Eye Safety Tool Box Talk” publication, NIOSH, in partnership with OSHA and ANSI (American National Standards Institute), identifies hazards, standards (ANSI Z87.1 Eye and Face Protection Standard), and effective training for all employees to help protect and safeguard their eyes at their workplace.



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