Some Companies Offering Good Safety Glasses

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What Are Some Well Respected Companies Offering Good Safety Glasses?

Some Companies Offering Good Safety Glasses

There are some well known companies and some lesser known firms offering excellent products in the safety eyewear industry. When you look for good protective eyewear, your potential problem is not too few choices, but possibly too many. Much like the everyday eyewear industry, the amazing choices of lenses, tinting, and frames is so vast, it can be confusing. Yet, having many choices should ensure you find the exact safety glasses you need.

ABC Safety Glasses is one of the large websites offering many varieties from both major companies (DeWalt safety glasses, Uvex safety glasses, Smith & Wesson, etc.) and less well known sources (American Allsafe, Edge, Radians, etc.). All of their offerings are ANSI safety glasses (approved by the American National Standards Institute) and OSHA safety glasses (meeting the standards of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

Aearo safety glasses, a division of Aearo Technologies, produces excellent safety eyewear, normally marketed under the AO Safety name. They offer excellent and stylish safety goggles and glasses, including safety glasses side shields, safety reading glasses, sports safety glasses and goggles, cutting safety glass (critical to welders, laser cutting work, etc.), wide varieties of tints, and both clear and prescription safety glasses.

3M safety glasses are also offered in excellent quality and a wide selection of styles, tints, and types of hard-coated polycarbonate lenses. Long recognized as a dependable manufacturer, their safety eyewear meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI (their Standard for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection) standards.

Because the Internet can be so efficient, use the web to window shop the hundreds of available choices for protective eyewear. Ask your peers what favorites they have. Also search for distributors that allow you to purchase wholesale safety glasses. You want the best safety eyewear you can afford and saving money could be an added positive.



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