OSHA's Position on Safety Glasses

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What Is OSHA’s Position on Safety Glasses?

OSHA's Position on Safety Glasses

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has addressed both the variety of threats and minimum standards for safety glasses. The five major dangers to your eyes per OSHA studies

  • Impact – Flying objects and particles.
  • Heat – Anything that gives off dangerous heat.
  • Chemicals – Includes flashes, fumes, and vapors.
  • Dust – Otherwise harmless particulates that can damage sensitive eyes.
  • Optical radiation – Everything from simple glare to intense light.
It is critical that you select safety eyewear that protects you against the threats you face. OSHA has published standards for protective eyewear based on the type of hazard that might affect you. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) also has safety eyewear standards that should help you select the correct protection for your job site. The most important consideration is always to protect yourself against the specific threats you face in the workplace. Use OSHA recommendations and standards as a guideline for selecting the best solution that works for you.

Safety is always the most important evaluation factor but your job duties should still be accomplished with OSHA standards and your personal comfort in mind. OSHA has studied massive amounts of data and tested many examples of safety glasses. Use their information to help protect your eyes.



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