Safety Glasses Made for Women

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Are There Safety Glasses Made Expressly for Women?

Safety Glasses Made for Women

Safety eyewear is not restricted to the male domain as there are now safety glasses for women available. As more females have entered the construction and medical industries as well as the sporting world, safety goggles and glasses have followed this growth. Have your doubts? Consider this recently published fact: 80% of the women questioned in a survey stated they were going to begin a home improvement project. 75% of these women stated they were going to do it themselves! Look around and notice the ever increasing number of women at major construction sites, highway improvement locations, and on many subcontractor projects.

Safety glasses for women are made with smaller, sometimes with more fashionable frames, fitting the smaller structure of most women's faces. For female children from the early years through high school and college, women athletes can choose from a good selection of safety glasses or goggles. Whether she needs clear or prescription safety glasses, safety sunglasses, or lab safety glasses, women can now find quality eyewear made just for them.

Among the many companies offering safety glasses for women are Uvex, Elvex, Smith & Wesson, Crews, 3M, and Allsafe to name just a few. Females can also get laser protective eyewear and units with safety glasses side shields should their circumstances dictate these items. The first key is to protect yourself correctly. Then women can select safety eyewear that fits their faces properly and looks good, too!



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