Evaluating Safety Eyewear

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How Should I Evaluate Safety Eyewear?

Evaluating Safety Eyewear

You should consider the following when evaluating safety eyewear:

  1. What hazards are you subject to? Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) identifies five primary threats (impact, heat, chemicals, dust, and optical radiation) to consider.
  2. Are safety glasses or safety goggles the best choice? Is one more comfortable or appropriate to the hazards you might face?
  3. Do you need clear or prescription safety glasses? If you need corrective lenses, should you use your own or use corrective safety eye protection? Are bifocal safety glasses the best choice for you?
OSHA approved safety glasses are available from a wide variety of companies to satisfy your every need. Some will be more comfortable than others just as every day eyewear becomes a very personal choice when purchasing new frames and lenses. The primary consideration should always relate to having the best protection against the potential workplace threats you face on a daily basis.

Your choices may appear daunting at times. For instance, Crews safety glasses, a major supplier of excellent OSHA safety glasses, offers over 12 different styles of safety glasses and goggles. Uvex Safety Glasses, another well respected protective eyewear firm, offers another wide variety of design choices.

Your choice of eyewear, whether clear safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, or prescription safety glasses, becomes more complex if your eyesight needs correction. Make a careful evaluation of your choices. For example, if you wear contact lenses that you find very comfortable, clear or polarized safety glasses may be a better choice since your eyesight is already corrected. If you wear glasses regularly, you should consider prescription safety glasses so you can perform your job effectively.



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