Examples of Electrical Protective Clothing

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What Are Some Examples of Electrical Protective Clothing?

Examples of Electrical Protective Clothing

Electrical hazards pose totally different threats than construction or manufacturing dangers and often require personal protective equipment (PPE) made of non-conductive materials. Electrical protective clothing must accomplish at least two things: It must not, under any circumstances, conduct electricity, and it should be effectively flame retardant, avoiding the instance of flash fires on your body.

An electric arc lasts only a microsecond but can cause a serious, sometimes fatal fire. A flame retardant suit will protect you against a surprise flash that could cause injury. Along with outer gear, you can also purchase flame retardant under clothes, including T-shirts, polo, Henley, and crew neck shirts, and long underwear to provide even more protection. All are made of specially treated flame retardant cotton, so they're cool and comfortable while giving you the protection you need. Along with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets standards for fire, electrical, and building safety and publishes ratings for arc and flame retardant items.

Electric current is always moving when you're working on a live source. Clothing that will not conduct electricity and is also anti-static is appropriate. Depending on whether you work with low- or high-voltage, your electrical safety clothing requirements may be different. While rubber is very efficient, it is usually very heavy and makes clothing made of this substance cumbersome. There are a number of newer materials that replicate the protection of rubber but at much lighter weight.



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