OSHA and Industrial Safety

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What Is OSHA’s Position on Industrial Safety?

OSHA and Industrial Safety

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is the most important source of information regarding industrial accident prevention, industrial safety products, and industrial safety training. OSHA industrial safety recommendations apply to all SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes, which cover most forms of businesses in the U.S. While the construction, electrical, chemical, manufacturing, and engineering industries receive the most publicity, OSHA industrial safety recommendations are available for almost every business sector.

If you are new to the industry in which you now work and are unsure of the standards that OSHA has established, visit their website, find out what the SIC code is for your industry, and use the source address below to learn the industrial safety checklist they have developed for your workplace. Industrial safety standards are developed to maximize the protection of employees like you and to minimize the incidence of industrial accident. All of these recommendations are the result of exhaustive testing, data collection and analysis, and directed at protecting you, the employee, from potential hazards that exist on your job.

You might find some information of which you were totally unaware. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for all areas of your body (eye, ear, head, skin, clothing, etc.) and, based on the potential hazards you face in your industry and in performing your specific job duties, you will become knowledgeable in the proper PPE you should be using. Take out the guess work and learn what OSHA has determined from years of analysis in real world job environments.



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