Personal Safety Equipment For Work

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What Should I Consider for Personal Safety Equipment While Working?

Personal Safety Equipment For Work

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical to reducing industrial accident situations. The extent and type of PPE you should consider depends on the nature of your job and workplace activities. Using improper PPE, even if it is first class, may contribute to accident and/or injury when you are performing at your best. In general, know what types of threats face you. Is it falling, moving, or even stationery objects? Is it the possibility of fire? Is it the potential of chemical or airborne pathogens that you might encounter? Do you need head protection? Skin protection? Eye protection? Hearing protection? All of the above?

Once you have identified the potential dangers of your job, make a commitment to use the best PPE you can afford to minimize the threat level or, if that is impossible, maximize the protection you employ to defend yourself against potential industrial accidents. Always remember, every legitimate employer wants to keep his/her employees as safe as possible and has OSHA ( Occupational Safety & Health Administration) guidelines to use for industrial safety training and personal protective equipment program decisions. However, companies are constantly pressured to control costs and maximize employee production. This can lead to minimizing industrial and safety supplies and/or the quality of PPE.

In this case, do not assume that “big brother is watching” over you. Satisfy yourself that the PPE you are using is a) correct to protect you against the workplace dangers you might face, and b) is the best quality and reliability available. Making an industrial safety checklist includes making a commitment to using the best PPE you can get, promising yourself to take nothing for granted while working, and to remain alert and focused at all times during your work day.



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