Safety Clothing Options

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What Types of Safety Clothing Should I Consider?

Safety Clothing Options

Protective clothing takes many forms and ranges from pure visual safety items to more serious injury avoidance varieties. Industrial safety products that can be worn will protect you from everything from rain to hazardous material. Among the more common items that might appear on an industrial safety checklist:

  • Safety shirts – Made for high visibility and usually in bright yellow, lime green, or orange.
  • Safety vests – Using solid or cooler mesh material, vests are also made for the highest visibility in bright colors.
  • Shoe and boot covers – Protect your feet from chemical and fire problems.
  • Gloves – Available in a variety of materials and can be “protection specific” to guard against different workplace threats.
  • Protective suits – Defend yourself against chemical, fire, and all manner of other potential dangers while on the job.
The most important factor when evaluating and purchasing protective clothing items is the specific situation in which you work. Industrial and safety supplies are provided by numerous excellent companies and a personal protective equipment program is normally industry specific. For instance, protective clothing, purchased from a well respected industrial safety supply company that provides you excellent defense against fire threats might be useless if your work environment generates chemical or airborne pathogen dangers.

Evaluate what level of protective clothing you need to prevent an industrial accident in light of the specific threats you face at your workplace. In most cases, your employer will make every attempt to satisfy the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) industrial safety recommendations and requirements. But, take nothing for granted. Perform your own evaluation of the safety clothing given to you and, if you decide you need more, consider purchasing better protection on your own.



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