Major Items of Personal Protective Equipment

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What Are Some Major Items of Personal Protective Equipment?

Major Items of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical to industrial accident prevention. The primary categories of PPE are

Head protection – Since 1933 in the U.S., hard hats have been required in all construction environments and any other worksite where vertical or horizontal moving or stationery objects could pose a threat.

  • Hearing protection – Use noise reduction ear plugs or ear muffs to reduce or eliminate noise levels dangerous to sensitive ear canals while on the job.
  • Eye protection – Safety glasses and goggles should always be used in environments when objects, large, small, or microscopic, can pose a potential threat to your eyes.
  • Breathing protection – Respirators that meet industrial safety standards should be used in all situations that involve both airborne pathogens and even otherwise harmless items, like sawdust.
  • Protective clothing – Depending on your work responsibilities, you can purchase a wide variety of protective clothing, including coveralls, shirts, boot covers, lab coats, and many other items.
Industrial safety equipment comes in many varieties and all of them are important. While construction and mining sites may be most susceptible to accidents and injury, all companies should have a set of industrial safety rules to protect employees from potential dangers.



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