Home Fire Extinguishers

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What Type of Fire Extinguishers Are Good for the Home?

Home Fire Extinguishers

There are two fire extinguisher ratings (of 4 common ratings) that are appropriate for the home. Type A extinguishers are usually dry chemical units that are designed to handle most fires of ordinary combustibles, like wood and paper. These products are suitable for living and bedroom areas of the home. A type B fire extinguisher is effective when the combustible is grease, oil, or gasoline and are appropriate for your kitchen and/or garage. These can be disposable after a one-time use or rechargeable.

Often, a better solution is to purchase one or more “multi-class” products that are effective in fighting type A, B, and even C (electrical fires; use non-conductive material to extinguish) rated fires. These are excellent for home use in all areas of your house since they are effective against all common types of fire emergencies that tend to occur in the home, including the always dreaded electrical fires that happen without warning. In all cases, don't try to do too much with a home extinguisher. Only fight a fire at its beginning and always leave yourself a way out. Don't allow a fire to block your exit. If you can't extinguish a fire at its inception, get out and call the real firefighters immediately.



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