Home Safety Products That Protect Small Children

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What Safety Products Should I Have in My Home to Protect Small Children?

Home Safety Products That Protect Small Children

Most home safety products to protect small children are normally related to the prevention of little people from gaining access to items or areas that might prove harmful. Here are some of the important items you should consider

  • Electrical outlet caps – Covers all open outlets, preventing children from inserting any foreign object into a live electrical opening.
  • Cabinet and drawer locks – Prevents little people from opening doors and drawers; primarily employed in kitchens and bathrooms, which contain all manner of items that may prove harmful to small humans.
  • Cord binders – Keep curtain, shade, and other potentially dangerous cords away from children while still permitting their operation by adults.
  • Multi-function lock straps – Can be used on doors, refrigerators, toilet seat covers, etc. to keep little people from opening things that they shouldn't.
  • Toddler finger “pinch protectors” – Soft, foam devices that can be placed on door or drawer edges to prevent mobile young children from catching their little fingers and pinching them, sometimes causing serious injury.
  • Extreme Caution – Always the most important home safety “product” for young children to prevent them from putting dangerous things in their mouth, accessing items or places that could cause harm, and keeping them safe around household pets.
No products replace your constant attention to little people, who are surrounded by things that could cause injury to small children. Simple things like open windows, unprotected electrical outlets, or cooking provide conditions that could be dangerous.



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