Important Home Safety Products

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What Are Some Important Home Safety Products?

Important Home Safety Products

Since the majority of accidents and injuries occur in your home, you should have adequate safety items in your castle. The most important item to handle the wide variety of minor injuries that occur is a well-equipped first aid kit. Visit the Red Cross, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), or ANSI (American National Standards Institute) website to find a comprehensive checklist of the recommended items to make-it-yourself or purchase one of the ready-made first aid kits designed for home use.

A fire extinguisher is another must have home safety product. Flash fires can erupt with no notice and are not confined to the kitchen. A romantic candle that sends a spark to your living room curtains, an unseen exposed wire on a hairdryer in the bathroom, or a random spark produced as your heating system fires up are but a few things that might happen in your home. If they ignite a flammable object and you immediately smother the combustion with a blast from your home extinguisher, a potential tragedy may be avoided.

If there are young children in your home, numerous safety products should be considered. Among the most important: Caps for any electrical outlet not being used, kitchen and bathroom cabinet door locks, and stove burner covers all protect little people from injury. If you have a stove with controls on the front instead of the top, consider covering them unless you're cooking. Another must have to protect both rug rats and curtain climbers is one or more adjustable pressure gates so you can install protective blockades for stairs, both up and down, or any location inappropriate for a little person.



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