Hearing Protection That Provides Music or Communications Ability

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Can I Find Hearing Protection That Also Provides Music or Communications Ability While I Work?

Hearing Protection That Provides Music or Communications Ability

If you want to eliminate noise but desire music or the ability to communicate with others while you're working, you can find products to meet both of these preferences. Modern noise canceling ear muffs can be fitted with an am/fm radio so the wearer can hear all the music or talk radio they want while working. While canceling out worksite noise, these ear protection radio products provide the welcomed noise you want on the job.

There are two types of communication-style ear noise protection. One variety is a “listen only” product that allows you to receive communication, within a specified bandwidth, from another location at your work site. If you are needed elsewhere or required to pass along messages to co-workers, these ear protection muffs are a wonderful addition to your tool kit. A more versatile solution of hearing protection with radio is the addition of a two-way communicator to your ear protection muffs. This hearing protection device is particularly useful on larger jobsites and higher rise buildings where face-to-face communication can be difficult. These ear protection muffs can be pricey, often over $400, but many larger construction companies find that they save significant dollars and worker-hours using this ear noise protection.



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