General Types of Hearing Protection

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What Are the General Types of Hearing Protection?

General Types of Hearing Protection

There are three basic types of hearing protection:

  • Inserted ear plugs, which fully block the ear canal.
  • Semi-insert ear plugs, which provide ear protection over the ear while held in place by a firm head band.
  • Ear protection muffs, with soft ear cushions and a hard outer shell.
In high noise situations, you could elect to wear two forms of choices, both ear plugs and hearing protection muffs. The single most important factor in hearing protection equipment is the NRR (noise reduction rating) of the classic ear plugs or muffs you use. Manufacturers normally give you information about the noise reducing value of the device with an NRR number as part of its product package. NRR ratings calculate maximum noise reduction results discovered under laboratory conditions and are quoted in decibels (dB). The more noise you want to cancel, the higher the number of decibel reduction you want.

Whether you choose classic ear plugs, foam ear plugs, or hearing protection muffs, pick the solution that is most comfortable for you and, if you need industrial hearing protection, consult with your co-workers and employer or visit the OSHA hearing protection areas to determine the best noise canceling solution for your situation.



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