Items For a CPR First Aid Kit

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What Items Should Be Included in a CPR First Aid Kit?

Items For a CPR First Aid Kit

The most important item in any CPR situation is a defibrillator, but most people either cannot afford to keep one in their home or office or are unfamiliar on how to use one. In lieu of this apparatus, the following items are recommended by OSHA for a CPR first aid kit.

  • M-5043: Rescue Breather CPR one-way valve face shield.
  • Exam quality gloves, 2 pairs
  • 5"x8" P.A.W.S. personal antimicrobial (kills germs) wipes
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • 5"x24" Biohazard bag, 5 gallon capacity
Many medical professionals would state that the single most important “item” in a CPR situation, is fast response. Statistics indicate that many CPR situations, if handled quickly, can result in countless numbers of saved lives. Whether your business is related to the construction industry or an office-oriented service business, CPR may be needed at any time. Having a usable first aid kit for CPR emergencies should make both staff and management more comfortable on a daily basis.



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