Designer Hard Hats

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Are There “Designer” Hard Hats?

Designer Hard Hats

Whether you want to promote your company with “fun” hard hats or are a construction, electrical, plumbing, or other professional working in conditions requiring OSHA – or ANSI – compliant head gear, you can find designer hard hats that will meet your demands. Working in Dallas? You can wear a cowboy hard hat for protection. Are you a NASCAR fan? You can buy hard hats with Dale, Jr., Tony Stewart, and other driver's colors and numbers. Whether you're a fan of the Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars, or another team, you can purchase NFL hard hats to show your colors and hard hat logo.

Basic plastic hard hats (which don't provide real workplace protection) can be purchased for company public relations purposes. For instance, a recent project at a New England credit union involved the construction of an additional floor above the current one. The lobby had to remain open so the credit union offered plastic hard hats to its members transacting business as a way of making the apparent inconvenience lighthearted and fun. These were not construction hard hats but looked like the real thing and sported the company logo on the front.

Hard hats ANSI – compliant are made in all the colors of the rainbow and manufacturers like Bullard Hardhats, North Hard Hats, MSA Hard Hats, Jackson Hard Hats, and others give you a wide menu of choices of styles and protection levels to ensure you will look good on the job, while protecting your safety.



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