Keep It Clean With Shoe Covers

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What types of shoe covers do I have to choose from?

Keep It Clean With Shoe Covers

Whether you're protecting your shoes from dust and debris or protecting the floors from the dirt from the soles of the shoes, shoe covers make a convenient, cost effective solution for eliminating the mess. Shoe covers come available in versions that just cover shoes and as boot covers. You can select from shoe covers with a standard surface or an anti-skid surface. Polypropylene shoe covers are the most economical material and can work well in dry environments on carpet or tile. For extra durability, look for a Tyvek shoe cover which can also hold up against minor exposure to moisture. If you're looking for a durable shoe cover that can hold up to water splashes and moisture, the Sunsoft shoe covers provide durability and adaptability to water exposure. When you really need to protect footwear from harsh areas and dirt, use plastic shoe covers in a 4 mil to 6 mil thickness.



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