Mechanix Gloves At the Pit Stop Or The Auto Shop

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Are Mechanix gloves just for race car pit crews?

Mechanix Gloves At the Pit Stop Or The Auto Shop

Mechanix gloves started off as the glove of choice for Daytona pit crews in 1992. Since then, the company has become has become a leader of safety gloves for the race car industry, providing hand protection for numerous NASCAR teams as well as other motor sports teams. Today, Mechanix gloves not only provide hand protection for the racing industry, but mechanics use these gloves, as well. Their line of gloves is also practical for the construction industry, industrial applications, and military. Mechanix even has a line of gloves designed specifically for women. More recently, Mechanix Gloves have made their way into the home improvement industry. Mechanix Gloves are the official gloves of the show, “DIY to the Rescue”, on DIY and HGTV networks.



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