OSHA's Recommendations For Safety Eyewear

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Which safety eyewear equipment works better for welding versus machinery operation?

OSHA's Recommendations For Safety Eyewear

When selecting safety eyewear, it's important to choose the equipment that best suits the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, recommends that certain safety eyewear be used for various tasks.

• For handling chemicals, OSHA recommends the use of flexible fitting goggles with a hooded ventilation or a face shield.

• For welding, workers should use welding goggles or a welding helmet in combination with tinted spectacles.

• When working with a furnace, workers should use either eyecup welding goggles or coverspec welding goggles with tinted lenses.

• Working around machinery can call for a wide variety of safety eyewear, including flexible or cushioned fitting goggles, spectacles with side shields and face shields.



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