Keeping Chemicals Out With Protective Clothing Doesn't Have To Be Costly

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What garment is economical and appropriate for chemical protection?

Keeping Chemicals Out With Protective Clothing Doesn't Have To Be Costly

When working in environments where protection against chemicals is an issue, choosing appropriate protective clothing is key. If you're looking for an economical solution to protective clothing that will keep you safe from chemicals, coveralls made of Saranex, a lightweight fabric from DuPont, will keep you out of harm's way from a number of harmful chemicals. Known as the DuPont Tychem SL, these coveralls are appropriate for workers mixing chemicals, spraying paint, and working in radioactive environments. Price points for the Tychem SL can be as little as $12 a garment when purchased in bulk. Here are some key features of the protective clothing from the DuPont Tychem SL:

• The standard white color of this protective clothing garment provides a high level of visibility in low and dim light.

• The Tychem SL withstands extreme cold temperatures to -65 degrees Celsius without much change in the material's stiffness.

• The Tychem SL has been tested to be 150 more times effective than PVC in blocking out the penetration of tritiated water vapor and tritium gas after three hours of exposure.



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