Ear Muffs For Hearing Protection

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What kinds of ear muffs are available for protecting ears from noise?

Ear Muffs For Hearing Protection

Employees need hearing protection that drowns out loud noise. However, blocking out too much sound can create a situation where workers aren't attuned to their environment. By selecting the proper ear muffs for hearing protection, you'll be providing the insurance your workers need to thrive in a noisy area. Ear muffs have varying degrees of hearing protection which are described below:

Noise blocking – Noise blocking ear muffs keep out the noise you don't want. Top of the line noise blocking ear muffs will give you maximum attenuation at all frequencies. An economical version can provide protection for short term situations in work environments.

Sound management – Sound management ear muffs use technology to get rid of unwanted noise while allowing workers to hear normal conversation. Features like alarm warnings add to the safety of these ear muffs.

Radio – Radio headphones give workers the protection they need from unwanted noise with the added bonus of being able to listen to AM and FM radio on the job.



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