Ear Plugs For Every Situation

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What different types of ear plugs are available?

Ear Plugs For Every Situation

When loud noise becomes a health or safety issue, ear plugs are one product that can help protect you from hearing damage. However, not all ear plugs are the same. Choose ear plugs that best meet your needs. For instance, if you're wearing ear plugs all day long, you want to consider the comfort of the ear plugs. Choose low foam ear plugs which don't place pressure in your ear canal. In an environment where visibility is important (like food processing plants), choose ear plugs designed to be seen, such as Laser-Trak ear plugs. The Laser-Trak ear plugs also come with a cord, making it easy for you to keep track of both plugs. When you want ear plugs that have low sound distortion, try the Express pod plugs, which come with a grip for easy insertion into the ear.



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