Tinted Safety Lenses

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What is a clear tint used for?

Tinted Safety Lenses

A special feature available with safety eyewear is the ability to choose tinted lenses. This special feature is not for esthetic purposes, but rather the tint chosen should depend on the type of job being completed. Some tint examples include:

Clear Tints – used in a indoor setting for general purpose activities

Blue Mirror Tints – often used for glasses worn outside, under the glare of the sunlight

Oak Green Tints – a dark green tint will protect from ultraviolet rays

Amber Tints – Used in areas where the amount of light available is reduced.

Tints higher on the “tint chart” are mainly used in cutting and welding, or any activity involving a blow torch.



4/4/2009 9:25:02 AM
Levi said:

I am trying to find out if tinted and mirrored safety glasses are allowed in an automotive maintenance facility?


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