Which Is Right For You?

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How do I choose the right pair of glasses?

Which Is Right For You?

There are various brands of safety glasses available, and finding the right pair can be tiresome. However, choosing the correct pair of safety glasses involves selecting the right frame and special features based on the area they will be worn in.
When looking at the frames of safety glasses, select a style, which is comfortable to wear. Some people might be tempted to purchase the most stylish brand of safety eyewear, yet this is no guarantee this eyewear will be the most comfortable. Depending on what industry you are employed, your job could require you to wear safety glasses for 6+ hours. Based on this, anyone would want to choose the most comfortable pair.

There are various safety glasses with special features, such as UVEX safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, prescription lenses, or colored tinted glasses.



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