Foreign Object In The Eye

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When should I consult a doctor?

Foreign Object In The Eye

If a foreign object enters your eye, the best thing to not panic and rub the eye. Panicking can cause the pieces of metal or wood to become further lodged inside the eye, or cause a cut or an abrasion of the soft eye tissue.

All areas should contain an eye wash station or eye wash bottle in which the solution can be used to flood the eye. The head should be tilted slightly so that the particle drains away while washing. Repeat the eyewash again. If this fails to dislodge the particles after two washings, it is strongly advised you seek medical treatment.

It is important to remember two things in situations such as these – use only isotonic solution in the eyewash, and if it feels the particle is still present – consult a doctor immediately. A doctor should also be consulted when there are changes to vision or the appearance of the eyes.



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