Safety Switches

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How do safety switches function?

Safety Switches

Other than safety sensors, safety switches are another industrial safety product often used in different industries.

They are common in areas where electricity is used, and by installing them, deaths related to electrical shock are prevented.

The main job of a safety switch is to monitor the amount of electrical energy that is being fed to machinery or electrical tools. However, if there is a defect in the machinery or tools the electricity is going to, the safety switch will decrease the electricity being fed, and prevent an electrical shock from happening.

There are two main types of safety switches, safety switches which plug into an electrical outlet, and safety switches which are connected to a switchboard. Some people prefer the portability of an electrical outlet safety switch, while other people prefer safety switches connected to a switchboard, which can be used to monitor a wide area.

They both have their advantages, and it is best to decide which safety switch works bests for you.



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