Failure Of Industrial Safety Products

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What should I do if I think an industrial safety product is defective?

Failure Of Industrial Safety Products

Like any manufactured item, an industrial safety product might fail to do its job resulting in injury. In this instance, the employee has undergone the necessary safety training on how to use the industrial product, and the employer has complied with the OSHA regulations or ANSI standards, however the industrial product still does not protect the person from receiving injury. This scenario might be common when serious accidents occur.

Even though this scenario is rare, cases like this do exist, but are small in number compared to the amount of cases in which industrial safety products have protected industrial workers.

If the industrial safety supply used is not made from defective parts, then OSHA can be called in to investigate the accident and the safety product, which was being used to provide protection. However, if the industrial supplies used are defective, the manufacturer could be libel if an accident occurs.

Manufacturers of industrial safety products do have a responsibility to provide safe, non-defective products. Yet remember your safety is also your responsibility, so examine all industrial safety products before using them.



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