Comparison Of Ear Plugs

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How do expandable ear plugs function?

Comparison Of Ear Plugs

Regardless of where you work, having proper hearing protection is essential. The two most common types of ear plugs are the premolded and expandable ear plugs.

Premolded ear plugs can be purchased in almost any drug store. They are made of plastic or rubber material, and cannot be molded to fit into your ear. Therefore, the premolded ear plugs should be purchased in a particular size that is right for you. The benefit of buying a premolded ear plug is the ability to wash and reuse them again.

An expandable plug will take the shape of the ear canal it is placed into. It is commonly made of foam material, which can be flattened and shaped for easy insertion. Therefore, the major benefit of expandable ear plugs is the ability of the foam material to fit snugly into the ear. However, these types of ear plugs are not reusable.



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