Price Comparison Of Hard Hats

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Are hard hats very expensive?

Price Comparison Of Hard Hats

Hard hats especially purchased at bulk prices are very affordable. For example, the MSA Hard Hats with full suspension, a Type I Class E and G, would retail for $9.50 if thirty-six or more are purchased.

This is in comparison to the Pyramex brand of hard hats with a pin lock suspension, and selling for $3.95 each for a bulk order of thirty-six or more.

The Omega II Safety Hats cost less than the MSA brand, but costs more than the Pyramex brand at $5.75 for thirty-six hats with pin-lock suspension. These hard hats are Type I Class C, E, and G.

Personalized custom hard hats, such as the Jackson Headturner Hellraiser, costs a bit more with a bulk price of $21.00 for thirty-six hats.



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