Choosing The Correct Hard Hat

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What is one of the most important factors in choosing a hard hat?

Choosing The Correct Hard Hat

There is no debate about hard hats being able to save your life. This is especially true in industries requiring you to work either on a ladder or scaffold. As with anything that will be worn in a protective manner, it is necessary to choose the correct hard hat to protect your head.
When selecting a hard hat it is very important the hard hat you choose be comfortable to wear. There are numerous brands of hard hats available, all made of different materials. The hard hat you purchase should be made of a material that is not too heavy on the head, but is also able to protect your head in case of a fall.
Look for a hard hat with a lining that is durable enough to absorb shock by a blow to the head or fall. This lining should be attached to a band with suspension straps that hold the hard hat securely in place.
It is also recommended when selecting a hard hat, a sweatband should be included to collect moisture, and keep the head cool at the same time. For example, with construction hard hats sweat is not allowed to run into the eyes.
A unique feature of some hard hats is the ability to wear them backwards. While doing certain tasks, it might be necessary to do this. Quite a few manufacturer brands such as “The American Omega II” are hard hats, which are certified to wear backwards. However, it is unsafe to wear regular hard hats backwards, if they are not certified to wear them this way.



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