The American National Standard Institute (ANSI)

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How are ANSI standards different from the OSHA rgulations?

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI)

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) is a private facility, which publishes safety standards on the way industries and workplaces should conduct themselves and operate in a safe manner.

ANSI differs from OSHA in its standards of practice in regards to first aid kits. ANSI provides the exact requirements a first aid kit should contain, however this is in not in contrast to the OSHA standards on first aid kits, which gives out a more general statement on first aid kits.

The ANSI standard entitled, ANSI Z308.1-1998 – “Minimum Requirements For Workplace First-Aid Kits,” outlines the supplies and equipment, two be placed inside of a first aid kit. The ANSI standard Z308.1-1998 also provides a classification of first aid kits based on their intended use.



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I think this tip is too general. I am looking for the list so that I have the correct supplies and this only tells me yet again that the list exists.


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